Economic growth, the Party building work to achieve comprehensive results


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On 13/10, the Executive Committee of Hanoi City Party Committee held its 10th meeting to evaluate the results of performing the tasks of economic development - social, Party building the first 9 months, the task key solutions last 3 months; evaluating the results of one year of implementation 8 work program of the Party and the breakthrough on "Improving the quality of human resources, build Hanoi elegant, civilized and comprehensive development, to meet the requirements new era ".

Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Ngo Thi Thanh Hang Executive Conference

Comrades: Hoang Trung Hai, member of the Politburo, Party Secretary; Ngo Thi Thanh Hang, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee; Nguyen Duc Chung, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Party Secretary, City Chairman; Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of City Council; Dao Duc Toan, Deputy Party Secretary chaired the meeting.

Economic growth 8.1%

As reported by the Party Commission by the City People's Committee Nguyen Van Suu, Deputy Chairman of the Permanent People's Committee presented at the conference, in the first 9 months, the total domestic product increased 8.1% in the city; revenues reached 146.4 trillion VND, equaling 71.5% of the estimate and up 16.2% over the same period; expenditure 41.7 trillion, equal to 53.6% of the estimate. The city has approved 125 investment projects with a total budget investment of about 84 trillion; attracted 398 FDI projects with total registered capital of $ 2.16 billion; 22 investment projects PPP with a total investment of about 60 trillion.

In the first 9 months of the year, with 18 685 new businesses established (up 10% yoy), total registered capital of 144 trillion, accumulated so far in the city has 225.7 thousand enterprises work. The city continues to promote administrative reform, IT applications. So far, 391 administrative procedures (accounting for over 20% of administrative procedures) be made online at level 3, 4; complete 375 continues to lift procedures online degree level 3, 4 to 55% by the end of 2017. To date, the rate of business registration documents over the network reached 96%; Some businesses online tax declarations reached 97%; 100% of enterprises implementing electronic customs procedures.

Vice Chairman of HCMC People's Committee Nguyen Van Suu

report the results of economic development - social 9 months

Tourism Capital continues to have prospered, the total number of international visitors to the capital in 9 months reached 3.54 million, up 23.5% over the same period. Material life, the spirit of people are caring, the city has completed construction and repair of 8211 houses for people with meritorious services to the revolution, total budget 955 billion; nearly 482 thousand donated gifts to policy beneficiaries to nearly 200 billion; ratio reached 82.8% of health insurance coverage, striving to end poverty rate in 2017 dropped to 1.77%; Accumulated by the end of 2017 with standard 285/386 new rural communes, achieved 73.8% rate ...

Promote restructuring, streamlining the organization, apparatus

City continue to strengthen and direct the implementation of Resolution 39 of the Politburo of downsizing, restructuring of cadres, public servants, has approved 50 projects working position of the single you, at the same time, direct construction guide project implementation working positions, downsizing plan period 2017-2020. The city has completed arrangements 70 MB investment projects on construction of 5 MB specialized project in the city, 3 PMU maintenance owned, 3 PMU retain the characteristics and 30 MB area projects area of ​​the district, town (equivalent to 29 units); completion of merger 3 funds (Investment Development Fund, the Land Development Fund, Environmental Protection Fund) into one fund to focus resources for investment and development.

In the first 9 months, the whole city was downsizing solve 308 cases under Decree 108 of the Government. Bloc Party, Fatherland Front and other political organizations - social dropped 104 payroll compared to total payroll Central Affairs, simultaneous, undertakings terminate operation organized Farmers Union district, the ward at 7 county.

The inspection and supervision focused. Check Party Committee and Inspection Commission has conducted the check level when signs of violations of party organizations and 76 256 members. Through examination concluded 62 party organizations have violated (representing 81.57%) and 206 cases of violation of party members (representing 80.46%), to require discipline 84 cases. Committees and Inspection Commission levels has disciplined 447 party members and 7 party organizations.

In particular, previous practical requirements, Party issued and implemented Resolution 15-NQ / TU dated 07/04/2017 "on building the party organization in a clean, strong, grassroots party strengthen weak ; addressing the complex issues of political security, social order and safety in communes, wards and townships in Hanoi ". Implementing the Resolution of the City Party Committee, the committees, the government has reviewed the complicated cases of law and order, solved some cases, create a stable situation in some areas, prevent to generate hot spots.

Efforts to complete the annual growth target of 8.5%

At the conference, 11 reviews panelists emphasized the duties and solutions to fulfill the economic development - social and Party building 2017. According to Director Le Hong Thang doit, the focus would be strengthened to remove difficulties for production and business. The district should meet regularly, exposure to listen to opinions enterprises, encourage enterprises and entrepreneurs. Through which the problems under the jurisdiction shall direct the settlement soon, the issues under the jurisdiction City, Central, the synthesis report through the Department of Trade to petition addressed.

Director Le Hong Thang doit speech at the conference

Problem No. 2, according to Director of the Department of Trade and Industry is the unit to focus on coordination and support investors in infrastructure development of industrial zones, industrial clusters, especially for projects with investors such as industrial zones in Dong Anh, Quang Minh industrial zone 2, Soc Son industrial Park, Hoa Lac hi-tech zone ...

But according to County Committee Secretary Hoang Cong Khoi Hoan Kiem, the city implemented centralized procurement 1 year 2 times lead to some of the county delayed the project. He suggested the city should increase the number of centralized procurement, and projects in the spending tasks of the district, the district allows centralized deployment upcoming purchase through bidding ...

Some other ideas appreciated drastically, focusing on emerging issues, annoyance of the city, including the promulgation and implementation of Resolution 15 of the Standing Committee of the Party, issued regulation rated party on the basis of ... According to Chairman of the inspection Commission of the City party Committee Tran Quang Canh, not in any inspection and supervision be strengthened and serious as this year, with 6 Standing Committee of the party Commissioner under be tested, and by inspecting the units are better. In the last 3 months, Party will organize a comprehensive inspection 59 organizations affiliated with third-party content: Results 01 Program implementation, including Resolution 15 of the Party Standing Committee; results of implementing Resolution XII Congress of the Party and Directive 05 of Politburo.

Speaking end the discussion, City Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung requirements Hanoi Tax Department cadres and the tax department, the tax collection business households in the province not to cause harassment, while unattended , closely examine the FDI sector to no revenue losses. "Currently, the city has over 4,000 FDI enterprises, only 966 enterprises reported profits, the rest just saturated or losses," Nguyen Duc Chung Chairman information.

City Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said ending the discussion

Besides, the district needs to accelerate the disbursement of capital construction associated with tight control regular expenditures; strengthen propaganda conscious people in the observance of the regulations on the roadway, sidewalk, against re-occupied, avoiding "pan". Related to the waste problem, Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung proposed Secretary and Chairman of Son Tay town continued advocacy, campaigning, made plans to coercion, not to some households affect the collection garbage in Ba Vi, Shanxi.

Initiative, creativity, solidarity in mission deployment

Concluded the conference, Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai stressed required to perform to complete the task in 2017, first of all committees, administrations, Fatherland Front, the political organization - society at all levels should continue uphold the spirit of initiative, creativity and solidarity to overcome challenges associated with overcoming the limitations, weaknesses, and organizational drastic solutions with the highest political determination to complete the task.

Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai told the conference conclusions

Party Secretary requested committees, governments at all levels to urgently organize conferences and plan thoroughly implementing Central Resolution 6 XII ensure efficient schedule. Direct the implementation of the review, assess the quality of Party members in 2017 under the new rules of the Party, ensuring quality, associated with overcoming the shortcomings and weaknesses in the spirit of the Central Resolution 4 (XI , XII), Directive 05 of Politburo; provisions on liability set the example of officials and Party members, especially the heads of agencies and units. Along with that, continued implementation of Resolution 39 of the Politburo, building cadres and civil servants to ensure quality and quantity to meet mission requirements.

"Focus on the task, complete solution objectives, targets economic development - society in 2017, the focus is to promote the growth of sectors in order to meet the target of economic growth health, boost the circulation of goods, stimulate consumption; strictly control the price situation, especially in the market end of the year to prepare the Lunar New Year, "Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai requested. Besides, accelerate the disbursement of public investment plans, implementation progress of key projects, especially in transport projects; ensuring complete revenue targets and budget spending.

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