HCMC calls for investment in many transportation infrastructure projects


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On 11-10, Center for Trade Promotion and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City (ITPC) organized the conference "Promoting Investment in Ho Chi Minh City 2017" at Hotel Rex. Attending the meeting were Vice Chairman of HCMC People's Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen, departments City, management of export processing zones and industrial, management high-tech park management boards of urban railway, the letter foreign and domestic enterprises.

Panoramic investment promotion conference

Speaking at the conference, Tran Vinh Tuyen Vice President said the city maintain a high growth rate in 2011-2015, the average growth was 9.6% GRDP / year 1.66 times the national average .

Total social investment capital for 5 years (2011-2015) at 1.19 million VND, equivalent to 52.3 billion US dollars, 2x 2006-2010. Economic structure and positively redirect the right direction, the services sector has added value accounted for the largest structure in GRDP. In 2016 this sector accounted for 54.8%; industrial areas and construction accounted for 28.8%, the agricultural sector accounted for 0.8%. Attracting foreign investment (FDI) reached a positive outcome, during e oa n 2011-2015 with 2,404 new projects were granted certificates of registered investors with total investment reaching 10.36 billion dollars USD . In the first 8 months of 2017, the value of foreign investment overall new and increased investment and capital contribution and share purchase or acquisition of capital share reached 3.29 billion US dollars.

Total exports of goods enterprises in 2016 reached 31.8 billion City US dollars, per period from 2010 to 2016 exports increased by 6% / year, imports 9% / year.

Urban infrastructure investment, renovation and upgrade is more uniform, consistent with the situation of economic growth ; labor productivity of the highest in the country City, 2010-2016 phase 2.7 times the average labor productivity in the whole country. City focus resources for the population, gradually forming urban civilization and realize the vision "the city with a good quality of life, modern civilization, that situation".

At the meeting, City were invited to invest in 116 projects of socialization, 11 national projects, 6 projects in Thu Thiem New Urban Area.

In 116 projects of socialization has 64 infrastructure projects in transport, 5 projects of technical infrastructure of urban, 7 projects that reduce flooding, three agricultural projects, 1 industrial projects, 4 projects injured trade in services, 21 projects of gentrification and building houses for resettlement, 6 educational projects, health projects 1, 4 cultural and sports projects. In 11 national projects have: 9 transportation infrastructure projects, 1 project of education and training, health project 1. Own the Thu Thiem New Urban Area Project 6: 1 project urban resort hotel, four school construction projects to international standards, 1 project to build synthetic art theater.

Also at the conference, industrial parks, export processing zones has invited businesses in the country and abroad. Specifically, the Company shares Development Northwest Saigon Urban invites investors in Tan Phu Trung Industrial Park with the method of land lease or rental of construction of plant buildings, office building available. Industrial Park, Tan Phu Trung priority to attract investment to the sector: electricity - electronics, information technology, c Matt gas, medical device, pharmaceutical, food, other sectors do not cause Environmental pollution. 

Industrial Park, Tan Phu Trung infrastructure e dads, l network meeting power and transformer stations separately , n Galaxy machines separate water supply, large capacity, 02 plants sewage treatment capacity of large, internal communication correct standard khu ha, including 48 residential dormitory for workers and experts apartments, many facilities such as healthcare, banking, trade centers, supermarkets ...

In the afternoon 11-10, ITPC in cooperation with the units held for domestic enterprises to go abroad and fieldwork projects is inviting investors, including project construction capital railways No. 1, Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien; Road Project centers and thematic parks - northwestern urban area; Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park.



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